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Why are white plates so popular?

Have you ever wondered why most restaurants serve your food on white dishes? Continue reading our blog to get an insight on the importance of chinaware color in restaurants.

White chinaware is the restaurant industry’s favourite choice for various reasons.

Firstly, it works like a blank canvas that shows off the chef’s creations. The classically designed, white plates and bowls allow food to take centre stage. It is the preferred option for restaurants and hotels which are proud of their presentation.

Other than presentation, a study found that white plates affected diners’ perception of restaurant’s quality of service. White is equated to class, cleanliness and finesse. White plates can instantly be transformed by adding an elegant tablecloth, flowers, cutlery etc. In other words whites wonderfully adapt to table accessories.

Its timeless choice means that the restaurant won’t have to continually re-invest on new sets to stay on top of current trends. These plates are also cost effective taking into consideration that they have to be replaced quite often.

Pubs and cafes prefer simple white plates as they are durable, strong and easily available, which is suitable for everyday use.

Another study stated that the diners’ perceive portions to be larger against a contrasting backdrop and needless to say ‘white’ is the best among them.

Using a white backdrop of the plate, adding height and employing contrasting colours are just some of the ways to raise the satiety level of the diners.

Are white plates right for you? Browse our chinaware e-catalog for some inspiration.

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