Food Prices in UAE

Why are food prices in the UAE one of the most affordable in the world?

UAE is ranked 31st in overall food security worldwide and 4th in the Gulf region.
According to the Global Food Security Index 2018, UAE food prices are globally the 4th most affordable due to –

  1. Strong dirham value
  2. Domestic food production through innovation and new technologies and
  3. Investing in agriculturally rich countries such as Australia, North and South America.
    As per Euromonitor estimates, UAE food and beverages will increase to Dh112.19 billion in 2019 from Dh107.8 billion in 2018
    In order to successfully grow, the authorities are taking measures such as –
  4. Random inspections across all F&B outlets and restaurants to maintain standards at every level.
  5. Encouraging new cuisines and dining outlets in the UAE, as the place is turning into a true gastronomic and HoReCa hub.
  6. Municipality keeps a close watch on all the ingredients coming into the country which ensures quality grade food.
  7. Local farmers grow excellent produce and are not too far away from the city.
    Singapore topped in overall global food security followed by Ireland, the UK, US, Netherlands, Australia, Switzerland, Finland, Canada, and France. With UAE hosting large events such as Expo 2020 the authorities expect a much greater growth in the restaurant industry.
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