A 'Win-Win' for your friends & you

Step 1: Click here to Log in to your account or sign up if you haven’t.

Step 2: Get a reference link URL that appears on the member’s dashboard which can be easily shared on your social media or personal messages. Example: https://shop.hotelity.net?raf=ref2404952

Step 3: Receive a voucher for 20% off when your reference contact shops at BuyFnB.

Frequently asked questions

• Is there a limit to sharing the reference code?
No, there is no restriction on the number of people you can share the code with.
• Will I get 20% off each time my reference contact shops?
Yes, you will get 20% off each time your contact shops at BuyFnB.
• How to use the voucher?
Simply add the exclusive discount voucher during the checkout and instantly get a discount.
• Will I be notified when my friend shops?
Yes, you will know and will automatically receive a discount voucher.
• Is this for a limited time period?
No, this is an ongoing programme for our valued customers.

FREE UAE Shipping

FREE Delivery on Selected items.(Current Neoz Campaign Excluded)

Premium Quality Products

Quality is a priority for us. All our products are authentic and sourced from global designer brands.

100% Secure Checkout

Credit Card / Debit Card / Cash on Delivery

Prompt Delivery

We offer 4 working days delivery on selected products.(Neoz Campaign Excluded)

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