One of the handiest and widely popular glasses are the Tumblers. Perfect to serve mocktails, juices, and fruity drinks. For hotels and restaurants, tumblers are used as an everyday glass to serve water or juices. Hotels, restaurants, catering companies, café, bars and others order tumblers in bulk from Hotelity.

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The many sizes, designs, and shapes ensure there is a tumbler for every need and drink. Tumblers are one of the most used and required products in any hotel or restaurant. The tumblers at Hotelity are sourced from global brands and offer a sturdy grip and exclusive styling. Tumbler glass set online at Hotelity can be purchased as a set of six. For HoReCa or retail use these tumbler glass sets will give your usual boring tumbler glasses a break. Designed keeping in mind the functionality and everyday use, they are easy to maintain. Shoppers can choose between polycarbonate tumblers or glass tumblers based on their requirement and purpose. All tumblers at Hotelity go through strict quality controls so that they last longer. Most tumblers are dishwasher-safe and easy to maintain. For homes looking for a hotel and restaurant-grade tumblers, Hotelity is the one solution that fits all requirements. Don’t just see and appreciate, buy it and use it, hotel style!

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Looking to start a new restaurant or setting up a new hotel chain or simply looking at refurbishment options? At Hotelity procuring hotel tumblers, restaurant tumblers, catering tumblers and more just require few simple steps. Bulk tumblers are available online, one must select and just order tumblers in bulk and wait for just 48-hours to receive the products. Earlier, buying tumblers in bulk would involve a lengthy process of visiting multiple stores and then placing orders and waiting for weeks for the order to arrive. With Hotelity’s ready stock of tumblers, it’s possible to purchase online. The easy payment options and the efficient delivery system ensures your tumblers can be used quicker than you think. For all-day dining areas to in-room dining needs, the tumblers at Hotelity are made keeping in mind the requirements of the hospitality sector and the need for restocking. Maintaining uniformity in glassware is essential and therefore hotels and restaurants can partner with Hotelity and book their stock in advance and get the same tumblers when the need arises. This saves space and additional cost of complete replacement of tumblers. Buy tumbler glasses online at Hotelity and experiment with your drinks. It’s sturdy and isn’t occasion bound. For the ones who like to keep it classy to the ones open to embrace change, there’s a tumbler for every liking. Hotel and restaurant-grade tumblers are available online at Hotelity. For clients looking to place an order from the many options in the catalogue, Hotelity undertakes orders for bulk tumblers. These orders can be placed by visiting the showroom and booking your desired tumbler glasses.

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Hotelity is the trusted choice for the hospitality industry to procure glassware products online. The friendly navigation and the quality products that are delivered on time, every time makes Hotelity a leading supplier of tumblers in Dubai, UAE. Be it a high ball tumbler, wide base tumbler, circular tumbler or classic tumblers, with Hotelity the options will drive you to choose what fits your setting and in turn your preference. The quality of our glassware is 35% stronger compared to others, that’s the reasons hotels, restaurants, catering companies, cafes and others trust the durability and order online from our website. Most brands spend time in making the customer experience better, why spend time in long purchasing cycles, instead make a wise choice and shift your decision parameters at a platform that is easily accessible and gives modern payment options without the long wait time. It’s time to shift the way you purchase. Shop retail or bulk tumblers online at Hotelity and get your tumbler glass set at best price. Complete your search for tumblers online by shopping from Hotelity and getting products that promise a high quality and elegant style.