For restaurants, hotels, cafes and even catering companies, the right tableware is as essential as good food and great service. Tableware consists of crockery, glassware, cutlery and little decorative pieces that contribute to enhancing the overall dining setting. Hotelity’s online portal is a quick solution to buy tableware online at best prices. Shoppers can create their own tableware sets by exploring a range of products and choosing what blends with their ambience. Discover our tableware range for your home, restaurant, catering and hotel. Made from materials such as fine bone china, porcelain, glass, polycarbonate glass, stainless steel, stone and more. Explore the luxurious designs of chinaware, glassware, flatware, tabletops, dinnerware and accessories. Order tableware sets for every dining occasion.

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The essential role of tableware is giving life to the dining setting by bringing together products that complement each other. A range of crockery in different finishes to match the placemats and napkin along with different glassware for different needs of guests must be taken into consideration when making a tableware set. In the modern world, cutlery has also revamped and plays a significant role in contributing to the dining experience. The tableware list can be unending, but it’s important to match the right tableware set and avoid unnecessary cluttering of the table. Dining venues ensure that the table appears pleasant before the guests receive their order, as it creates an impression, therefore, there’s a concept of show plates before changing it with appetizer plates then dinner plate and finally dessert plates.

Types of Tableware

Just about anything and everything that is placed on the dining table is termed as tableware. Tableware consists of but isn’t limited to serveware, cutlery, dinnerware, silverware, and glassware. The classification is subjective, but most venues deem these broad categories into tableware. Having worked with hospitality brands in the region, BuyFnB stocks various types of tableware in Dubai, UAE and partners with hotels and restaurants to cater to their tableware needs in the UAE. Shoppers can buy tableware online and choose from many tableware brands readily available. Explore tableware products from brands like Wild Magma, Athena, Tafelstern, Guzzini, Jars Ceramistes, Krosno and more. Having a suitable tableware set is easier than one thinks. The products in ready stocks are delivered within 48-hours throughout the UAE, making Hotelity one of the most reliable Tableware suppliers in Dubai, UAE. Every product undergoes strict quality checks so that your guests are served in quality tableware products that look new every time it is used. For people planning to start their own restaurant or open another hotel chain, BuyFnB’s special team of consultants advise on the right tableware or creating a new tableware set based on your preference. The tableware market in the UAE has grown over the years, with shoppers looking for options like bone china tableware, wooden tableware, earthenware and stoneware sets and more, BuyFnB caters to every requirement by suggesting solutions that aren’t just fancy but also practical and long-lasting. When it comes to a variety of glassware styles like tumblers, wine glasses, beer glasses, whisky glasses, shot glasses, polycarbonate glasses and more, Hotelity range is sure to make your choice simpler thanks to the quality seal and trust of luxurious hotels and restaurants globally. For weddings and corporate events, the tableware must match the theme and intermingle with the décor becoming a novel part of the occasion. Designers and event planners already have table décor ideas that require tableware products that justify their ideas, with Hotelity’s range of tableware products it’s effortless to create tableware sets.

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‘Cash and Carry’ has become yesterday’s trend, with the world going online, one can just search tableware online at Hotelity and quickly add their products to cart and choose between simple payment options and get their tableware products in just 48-hours. With experts ready to brainstorm and create new ideas, your table won’t just be usual, it will reflect the style, vision, and most importantly your brand. Sometimes you’d wish to experiment and create your own tableware set, by visiting HLAB you can experiment and create new ideas using our products and ready tables to help you arrange the table as per your liking. It’s not just about any, it’s about aesthetically making the right selection. With numerous table décor options like bowls, platters, vase, trays, and more one can lift the glamour quotient and give the tableware a boost. Shop online tableware from globally reputed brands from across the world. Superior quality and best prices guaranteed. For the ones who don’t like compromising on style and quality, Hotelity’s tableware options are for casual as well as formal gatherings.