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The look of glass and the properties of polycarbonate glass with high strength and colour stability are readily available at Hotelity. Hotelity’s range of polycarbonate glasses can be used for beachside venues, poolside locations and even indoors. Specializing in hotel polycarbonate glasses, restaurant polycarbonate glasses and catering polycarbonate glasses, it’s convenient to order polycarbonate glasses in bulk from Hotelity.

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What’s so special about polycarbonate glasses? The fancy looking glasses available in different colours are a durable option compared to glass, thanks to its chemical formula it is safe to use even for kids. Unlike melamine glasses, polycarbonate glasses do not shatter. Hotelity’s online portal consists of polycarbonate glasses for hotels and restaurants from suppliers across the globe. With ready stocks available at Hotelity, sourcing polycarbonate glasses just requires shoppers to browse our online store and place an order online. With an efficient delivery mechanism, your polycarbonate glasses in bulk will reach you in just 48-hours. Shop Polycarbonate glasses online at Hotelity and give your glassware a vibrant twist.

Polycarbonate glasses HORECA

Making every polycarbonate glass stylish and user-friendly, at Hotelity it’s all about providing quality hotel polycarbonate glasses, restaurant polycarbonate glasses, and catering polycarbonate glasses. The polycarbonate glasses are available in different sizes, styles and colours. Clients just need to select polycarbonate glasses in bulk that match their interiors. At Hotelity, clients can visit our showroom and view many ranges of polycarbonate glasses that suit their venue and budget and create ideas at our exclusive HLAB. Hotels and Restaurants prefer using polycarbonate glasses especially when the venue is outdoor or kids centric. Shopping polycarbonate glasses in bulk can be a challenge as it may involve a long purchase cycle and multiple procedures. Either you’re looking for restaurant polycarbonate glasses or hotel polycarbonate glasses or catering polycarbonate glasses or home polycarbonate glasses, with Hotelity’s user-friendly website, it just takes minutes to order. Why settle for low-quality polycarbonate glasses when you can buy quality polycarbonate glasses at best prices only from Hotelity? Make it a decision your guests and you love.

Polycarbonate glasses in the UAE

As the hospitality world has shifted from a conventional outlook to a more modern and practical mindset, Polycarbonate glasses have been preferred and widely used. With durability and longevity, Polycarbonate glasses have become a cost-effective and go-to solution for the hospitality sector. Partner with Hotelity and pre-book your polycarbonate glasses from the existing stocks or from the many catalogue options. This means you save space and never run out of your polycarbonate glasses. Ideal for outdoor venues and safe for the kids, the polycarbonate glasses at Hotelity undergo strict quality checks to maintain the credibility. There’s no more sticking to glassware that easily breaks, polycarbonate glasses are made from premium quality plastic that gives strength and durability compared to the usual glassware. At Hotelity it’s a smarter way of procuring polycarbonate glasses in bulk, just select and order online! If you’re starting a new restaurant or looking for cost-effective solutions, then polycarbonate glasses can be your choice. Many restaurants and hotels use polycarbonate glasses from Hotelity, thanks to the superior quality and high rate of customer satisfaction. Let your guests experience the joy of sipping beverages in a fancy polycarbonate glass. Shop polycarbonate glasses in bulk and make it your everyday pick. Dishwasher friendly and heat resistance, the polycarbonate glasses at Hotelity can be shopped in retail as well. Our expert team of consultants will address all your queries regarding the polycarbonate glasses and suggest options that are within your budget and as per your choice. Shoppers can find polycarbonate glasses by Guzzini, Nipco, and Krosno at Hotelity. For customized orders of polycarbonate glasses please visit our showroom and let our design team know your requirements.