Gone are the days when serving drinks required just ‘any’ glassware. Hotelity’s online shopping store makes purchasing tabletop and bar products seamless and enjoyable. Whether you operate a Michelin star restaurant or are investing in a new project or looking to refurbish your current hotel or restaurant; Hotelity has glassware solutions that let you shop comfortably and deliver promptly.

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The vast range of glassware products includes, but isn’t limited to wine glasses, champagne flutes, double-walled glasses, high-ball glasses, beer glasses, cocktail glasses, polycarbonate glasses, tumblers and much more. Clients can blend creative serving trays as well as ashtrays to accessorize their spaces. Buying glassware in bulk from Hotelity means a lot of time and space-saving. We understand the space concerns that arise when one wants to maintain uniformity yet have enough supply, Hotelity stocks your desired glassware and delivers when the need arises. Metropolitan lifestyle has revamped the way beverages are served. Every drink commands a unique and fresh serving style. Hotelity understands that guests nowadays don’t just need glassware, they need a lifestyle, a concept that lingers their mind post their visit. Providing a range of glassware that is driven by intense conceptualization and enhanced craftsmanship makes Hotelity a distinguished glassware supplier in the UAE. Hotelity gives the comfort of shopping glassware at your own convenience online. It’s simple to choose from the payment option and get the goods delivered in 48-hours. For clients looking to choose from a catalogue and require customizations, Hotelity takes orders for the same and delivers the required glassware within 10-12 weeks. This is easier for the ones wanting to choose from a brand-new line of glassware. From bar essentials to all-day diners to in-room orders to theme-based venues, Hotelity’s range of glassware caters to everyday needs. Connoisseurs love to explore the many cocktail glassware options and create drinks that are unique and complement the drink in totality. It’s the quality of glassware at Hotelity that makes hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, banquet halls and more trust in its longevity and superior service.

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For restaurant glassware, hotel glassware, café glassware and more, Hotelity’s glasses fit every requirement and demand. Clients visit our HLAB to create concepts and experiment with the numerous designs and styles Hotelity’s glassware is for the ones who seek quality, durability, style and design, Hotelity has been a trusted glassware supplier in Dubai. Hotelity eliminates the tedious wait and follow up for orders, clients simply need to visit the website, order their preferred glassware for bulk or restock and get their delivery in just 48-hours. With experienced consultants and a wide range of glassware, it’s quicker, cost-effective and easier.   The hospitality industry in the Middle East adapts to the trendy glassware, Hotelity’s range of glassware is inspired by the luxurious requirements and the sturdy grip every hotel or restaurant requires. Having been in the industry for over 10 years, Hotelity has mapped the glassware requirements of the industry and provides best in class and quality products. The glassware range is 35% stronger compared to others in the market. Hotelity has set a mark as one of the best glassware suppliers in the UAE.   Buy the latest glassware and bar accessories at Hotelity. Available in different variants. Shop glassware products online at Hotelity.

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The experience of working with celebrated luxurious hotels and fine dining venues, Hotelity understands that glassware should represent the brand identity as well, for this reason, Hotelity’s glassware aims at establishing a link between the demands of the brand and the expectations of the guests. For glassware enthusiasts, Hotelity serves as a brilliant option to order glassware online at best prices in Dubai, UAE. Bring glamour to your space by glassware that reflects every mood and occasion. Shopbulk glassware online from Hotelity and partner with us for your future needs to stock your pre-booked orders and deliver when required. Hotelity’s attractive prices and a credible delivery system ensures that you never run out of glassware.   The glassware Hotelity at is sourced from global suppliers who have a credible reputation of supplying quality glassware throughout the world. Dubai is a bustling city of innovation, with everyone going digital, there was a need to make the purchasing of glassware and other F&B items online and thus Hotelity was established in Dubai. Our experienced designers work with experts from the hospitality industry and create trends that instantly become popular. Buy trendy glassware online in bulk or retail from Hotelity.