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Grab life by the beans with Hotelity’s impressive espresso cups. When mornings begin with a generous dose of your loved espresso shots, Hotelity’s espresso cups collection is all that you’d want to pour your caffeine into.

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Hotelity specializes in restaurant espresso cups, catering espresso cups, hotel espresso cups and espresso cups online. Be it your bulk espresso cups need or just home-use retail requirement of espresso cups. At Hotelity you won’t have to settle with the ordinary cups. Espresso cups in Dubai can be ordered online through our website or by visiting our showroom. While you make sure your restaurant or coffee shop never runs out of coffee, we make sure we maintain ready stocks of espresso cups, bulk mugs and cups, double-walled glasses, and other HoReCa coffee accessories. Our aim is to provide the best quality espresso cups in Dubai and competitive prices. Each time your guests sip their favourite coffee in an espresso cup from Hotelity, they will experience not just good taste but also a superior quality design. The espresso cups at Hotelity are sourced from global brands that have supplied to renowned hotels and restaurants across the world.

Espresso cups in Dubai

The Middle East loves coffee and rejoicing the entire coffee experience. Our espresso cups can be ordered online and delivered across the UAE in just 48-hours. Whether you need hotel collection espresso cups, restaurant use espresso cups, catering espresso cups, or home use espresso cups; Hotelity’s user-friendly website experience will ensure you receive your products hassle-free. Shoppers can visit Hotelity’s showroom and explore a range of Barista products like espresso cups, mugs, cup and saucer, double-walled glasses, coffee plungers and more. The HLAB at our showroom lets clients experiment with designs and create a novel coffee experience. Choose from the ready stocks of espresso cups or retail espresso cups or simply make a customized purchase by ordering espresso cups from the catalogues. Clients can find restaurant espresso cups, catering espresso cups, hotel espresso cups, and home espresso cups at Hotelity. From classic white espresso cups to modern double walled espresso glasses, at Hotelity your espresso cups are treated as important as your espresso shot itself. Make a selection your guests will find functional and you’ll find practical.

HoReCa espresso cups

Our expert team of consultants advise you on the most viable espresso cups’ options that resonate with your venue’s ambience and fits in your style. Revamping the way espresso cups are used, the espresso cups can also be used for tiny cup desserts. Don’t waste your time searching for the right espresso cups, just visit Hotelity, browse through the range of espresso cups and espresso glasses and select your preference. Choose between cash on delivery and debit/credit card payment. Your order for bulk espresso cups or retails espresso cups will be delivered in just 48-hours. For clients starting their new coffee shops or opening a new restaurant, our barista products will create an entire solution for your product needs. No longer wait times or lengthy decision-making process. With Hotelity, shop barista products like espresso cups, coffee mugs, double-walled glasses, plungers, cup and saucer and more at the convenience of your time and place. With new trendy stocks being added, shoppers can buy classic espresso cups and espresso cups with patterns. Purchasing espresso cups in Dubai at your budget is not only simple but quick and credible too. Hotelity is a proud supplier of espresso cups and other barista solutions to many hotels, restaurants, and coffee houses in the UAE. Shop best quality espresso cups and glasses only from Hotelity. Check out the espresso cups at Hotelity and choose your favourite. It’s seamless to shop online with Hotelity.