Sleek, Sober, Sophisticated! The Ashtray collection at Hotelity is inspired by earthy elements and a dash of timeless elegance. It’s the enigmatic charm and the stunning shades that make it suitable for any space.

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The ashtrays at Hotelity come with a legacy of resonating minimalism and grace. Buy ashtrays only at Hotelity’s online store, it’s an accessory your guests will admire each time they see. Finding the perfect ashtray that is functional yet stylish has always been the concern of Hotels and Restaurants but with Hotelity it is simpler to purchase ashtrays in bulk. Hotelity’s ashtrays come in metallic hues and modern designs that are easy to maintain and stylish to see. Whether you’re looking for something classic or something contemporary, Hotelity’s ashtrays will always complete your search. It has become mandatory for hotels, restaurants, lounges, bars to have ashtrays, there is a need to let the ashtrays be visible and spaced out evenly, for this reason, Hotelity offers ashtrays that have already become popular among luxurious venues. It’s easy to mix and match the metallic shades and display it elegantly in smoking areas of your hotel or restaurant. For hoteliers looking to renovate their spaces or make a dedicated lounge, these ashtrays could be a great pick. Hotelity is a known ashtray supplier in Dubai that provides ashtrays that aren’t just unique but also easy to maintain. Shop superior ashtrays online at competitive prices only from Hotelity. We save your hassle of cash and carry and simplify it through our advanced mechanisms. Your products are delivered on time and to any location within the UAE.

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With a prominent online presence, it’s simple to just get your desired ashtray online in bulk or retail and pay through cash on delivery or card payment. If you’re setting up a new hotel or even opening a new lounge or looking to replace your old ashtrays, Hotelity is a leader in supplying ashtrays for hotels and other venues. The hospitality world values minimalism but also looks out for designer pieces, ashtrays at Hotelity are modern and easy to procure. Bar accessories at Hotelity comprise of ashtrays that come in different shapes and styles. Our experts in tabletop and bar products suggest ashtray options that blend with your ambience. Geometrically inspired ashtrays that artistically create a lasting impression on the onlookers are available at Hotelity. Wish to order something from the catalogue? At Hotelity you have an option of selecting ashtrays from the catalogue and placing an order, your customized request is fulfilled in 10-12 weeks and you receive the ashtrays as per your choice. For hoteliers and restaurateurs who want to eliminate the long purchase procedure and get more digital, the eCommerce portal makes it quicker to get ashtrays online at best prices.

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The ashtrays from Hotelity have already been used and loved by hotels and restaurants globally. For bulk requirements or restocking ashtrays, our stock availability will not let you down. Made by designers who not only understand the needs of the hotels but also the guests who walk in. Order bulk ashtrays online at Hotelity and get your products in just 48-hours. One can pre-book with us and we can stock the products and deliver when needed. The easy to clean and great to see ashtray is a convenient bar companion and can be used for events too. For long, ashtrays have just been a neglected commodity with a very basic look, however, with the interior designers looking for products that match the overall space, ashtrays started getting the due attention. For the hospitality world, it has become imperative for ashtrays to speak the language of their brand. Hotelity has infused style, functionality, and sophistication in every single ashtray online. Hotelity is a leading Ashtray supplier in Dubai with a showroom located at Al Quoz 3. Visit the HLAB and create bar concepts using the many bar products like glassware, accessories, trays, ashtrays and more. Shop ashtrays online and get the products delivered in just 48-hours. Our friendly navigation and superior quality items have always been a trusted choice for the F&B sector. Buying ashtrays online means your ashtrays arrive promptly and can be used instantly.