Last Minute Eid Gift Ideas 2019

Last Minute Eid Gift Ideas 2019

Eid Gift Ideas for 2019 As the peaceful holy month of Ramadan comes to a calm conclusion and the festivities of Eid ignite our hearts, the thought of sharing the happiness and merriments with friends and family comes naturally. Every year we wish to innovate and present Eid gifts that are thoughtful and appealing. Don’t […]


How to make your house look modern on a budget

A trend isn’t the one that fades with time, it’s just a transition to evolve and re-create something unique and eccentric. When it comes to home and living, people seldom lose the essence of individuality in a race to match the magazine picture-perfect homes. Giving a touch of finesse isn’t bound to replicate the others, […]


8 Ways to Make Your Restaurant Family Friendly

Read these tips and tricks for some ideas to make your restaurant more family friendly and keep them coming back. Train your servers Train your severs so they know exactly what steps need to be taken when families with kids visit. If possible make sure families are given larger tables. Since families often have a […]

Ceramic Plates, Porcelain Plates

Why are white plates so popular?

Have you ever wondered why most restaurants serve your food on white dishes? Continue reading our blog to get an insight on the importance of chinaware color in restaurants. White chinaware is the restaurant industry’s favourite choice for various reasons. Firstly, it works like a blank canvas that shows off the chef’s creations. The classically […]


How have restaurants in Dubai reformed their strategy for 2019?

The F&B market in UAE, especially Dubai, is extremely dynamic where restaurant outlets are continually diversifying to meet the demands of multicultural customers and are trying to keep up with the latest trends. How have restauranteurs overcome rising rents, VAT introduction, and market saturation? These are concerns that undoubtedly challenge restaurants that haven’t found the […]

6 Golden Rules of Cost Control in Restaurants

6 Golden rules of cost control in restaurants

Restaurant cost control allows you to identify the areas of expenses and take corrective and preventive measure to keep a healthy ratio between expenses and finances. 1.Tracking and managing inventory It is advised to conduct an inventory check regularly, perhaps once a week to track the most used items. You need to order inventory accurately, […]

Food Prices in UAE

Why are food prices in the UAE one of the most affordable in the world?

UAE is ranked 31st in overall food security worldwide and 4th in the Gulf region. According to the Global Food Security Index 2018, UAE food prices are globally the 4th most affordable due to – Strong dirham value Domestic food production through innovation and new technologies and Investing in agriculturally rich countries such as Australia, […]

Emirati Cuisine

Introduction to Emirati Cuisine

UAE has some of the finest restaurants and cafés in the world. Due to diverse cultures and nationalities, authentic flavors from countries around the world have become easily accessible – Afghani, African, American, Arabic, British, Chinese, Filipino, French, German, Greek, Indian, Indonesian, Iranian, Italian, Japanese, Malay, Mediterranean, Mexican, Nepali, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Thai and Vietnamese […]

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