Bridging exclusivity and quality, Hotelity seeks to accelerate the online shopping experience of the HoReCa industry by delivering superior class products sourced from local and international brands.

Our Story

Stemmed from Hotelity General Trading LLC, a leading hotel and restaurant supplies company in the UAE, Hotelity’s vision is to reach every client searching for novel yet functional products.

Reducing the tedious purchase journey of Hotels, Restaurants, and Catering companies; our aim is to streamline the process by supplying turnkey solutions efficiently and without the long wait period. Opening the doors to digitization, we are the pioneer in breaking free from the classic supply chain and replacing it with a more dynamic, responsive, convenient, and a smart system for all F&B needs. Concealing the gaps between wants and availability, Hotelity is an experience that is in synergy with the modern idea of Hotel and Restaurant Supplies globally.

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Make Every Product Count

Making every product count

Inspired by the innovations in the Food and Beverage industry, we focus on revamping the way contemporary food equipment and supplies are used by the HoReCa sector. It’s imperative for us that our products speak a language of quality, consistency, and creativity. Mapping our distinctive audience and creating a system by analyzing the pain points and giving the B2B sector solutions to ensure transparency, efficiency and value for money is what distinguishes us from the traditional companies.

Embrace the elegance of modish glassware, delicate flatware, impressive tabletops, exquisite chinaware and much more with Hotelity’s eccentric range.

Hotelity’s mission is to eradicate doubts concerning online shopping and switch to alternatives that are more contemporary and click-driven. Known for its superior customer service and association with renowned brands, Hotelity has become a go-to store for Hotel and Restaurant supplies in the UAE.

What is F&B industry?

The food and beverage industry is one of the most pivotal and escalating sectors of GCC. The inception of multi-million-dollar projects in line with EXPO 2020 indeed contributes to the industry reaping positive outcomes in the coming years.

According to Mena Research Partners estimates, the F&B market in the GCC will grow at 7.1 percent annually to reach $196 billion (Dh719.3 billion) by 2021 from $130 billion (Dh477.1 billion).

There was a surging need to eliminate the cash and carry regime and embrace digitalization. Thus, a new concept of F&B products online spurred. Customers are smarter than before and believe in a seamless shopping experience. There’s no doubt that the online shopping market in the UAE has received an overwhelming response, thanks to the explosion of innovative concepts and growing popularity amongst the millennials. Hotelity aims to source the trendiest products for the F&B industry and provide the ease of ordering online in quantity especially for Hotels, Restaurants, Catering companies, Coffee shops, Procurement firms, Designers, Owners, New Projects, Start-ups, and Individuals who seek to build a lasting work relationship.

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“Hello, I would like to appreciate your commitment and service. Also, the quality of the product is very good and the design is impressive.”
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Dubai, UAE
“It was great dealing with you. I’m very pleased.”
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Abu Dhabi, UAE
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