8 Ways to Make Your Restaurant Family Friendly

Read these tips and tricks for some ideas to make your restaurant more family friendly and keep them coming back.

  1. Train your servers
    Train your severs so they know exactly what steps need to be taken when families with kids visit. If possible make sure families are given larger tables. Since families often have a lot of gear, they’ll appreciate having some extra space.
  2. Give kids stuff to do
    This can include crayons and coloring books, or even placemats with puzzles. This is sure to keep kids busy for a while.
  3. Have comfortable booster seats
    Are your kids fussy eaters? Maybe it’s the chair and not the food! No kid would like to be away from the table and sit on a boring hard chair with no space to move.
    Brands like Koru Kids have understood this inconvenience and have come up with a brilliant booster seat that is soft and comfortable. Koru Kids boosters are available in four happy colors and can be fixed in seconds. They are also compact and easy to clean.
  4. Have special cutlery for kids
    Most restaurants do not have the right cutlery for children and parents prefer to not give them forks and knives for obvious reasons. Companies such as Guzzini have created some wonderful children’s cutlery that is colorful and is kid safe. Now kids can feel like they are a part of the table eating like their parents.
  5. Have a kids-eat-free day
    This is a simple way to attract families to your restaurant. You can offer a free kids meal for every adult meal purchased.
  6. Be flexible.
    Always be willing to offer food substitutions as you probably know kids are picky and these days many children have food allergies.
  7. Serve food quickly.
    No one likes waiting a long time for their food, and this is twice as true for a table with children. Make a conscious effort to serve the table with kids quickly.
  8. Don’t forget about the parents.
    Remember, parents bring their children to your restaurant so that everyone can have a great meal. Be sure to check in with them often and make sure they are comfortable too.
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