How to make your house look modern on a budget

A trend isn’t the one that fades with time, it’s just a transition to evolve and re-create something unique and eccentric. When it comes to home and living, people seldom lose the essence of individuality in a race to match the magazine picture-perfect homes. Giving a touch of finesse isn’t bound to replicate the others, it’s the art of keeping aesthetics alive while giving it your personal touch.

Homes are built by people living inside the four walls and therefore a strong binding factor is undoubtedly the collective preference. It’s a tedious process to refurbish homes frequently, however, what can be easily done is changing little elements and altering things.

Hotelity is obsessed with beautifying spaces and giving individuals a sense of pride and happiness when they step into their space. Here are 7 ways how you can bring trends to your doorstep with just a few simple ideas.

Embrace the colourful elements

For homes that rely on extremely minimalist and monochrome tones, it’s imperative to add a dash of colour. Bright elements like a striking red tray, a bronze ashtray, vibrant utensil holder, an aqua blue tumbler set and more which can lift up the mood of the space and break the monotony.

Cup and Saucer

Bring the earthenware to life

Tableware is one of the most appealing in any household. A mismatched dining set or flashy placemats aren’t the sights anyone wants to witness for meal times. Get the rustic charm of earthenware dining set to your space. Jars Ceramistes plates have been ruling the buyer’s mind for decades, and if you wish to get your dinner set noticed, this can be your pick. Complementing placemats and glassware will surely give your dining table the restaurant glamour.

Jars Ceramistes Dinnerware

Statement pieces go a long way

Ever wondered why celebrity homes resonate a posh appeal? Thanks to the well-thought décor items placed systematically. A floral detailed bowl on the dining table, a multi-purpose tray on the entrance table, super stunning tri-bowls placed on the centre table, gorgeous serving trays and much more. Just a little arrangement can turn heads and fetch compliments for your space.

Multi-purpose Small Tray Dubai UAE

Make or break with your glassware

Gone are the days when just about anything was ‘ok’. With stylish designs and contemporary looks, glassware is more than just a beverage serving product, it’s a lifestyle! The right glassware for every occasion and drink marks an everlasting impression. Think of visiting a restaurant and being served in average glassware, it’s a disappointment before even sipping the drink. Tumblers, flutes, wine glasses, colourful mocktail glasses, polycarbonate glasses and much more can be easily paired with your dinnerware and trays.

Glassware shopping, UAE

Little things make a difference

Flatware has undergone a transition over the years. With premium finishes and modifications to the standard sizes, it’s a must-have for every household. Maintaining uniformity across the flatware makes it easier to match with dinnerware and keep the sets in check. Modern homes are inspired by the contemporary food culture that differentiates cutlery based on their use. It might take time to understand the art of cutlery placement and use but once you get it, you’ll rock your table setting just like a professional.

Cutlery set, Dubai, UAE

The art of accessorizing

Homes deserve a generous pampering with accessories. Complementing accessories can easily blend with the mood of the home and also be functional at the same time. Stylish serving boards, stunning trays, salt and pepper mills, kitchen accessories, décor items and much more. You can easily change the overall look by just adding a few accessories to lift up the vibe.

OilSalt-VinegarPepper Cruet Gocce, Transparent - Set of 2 Guzzini

Simple is the new extravagant

Elevate your space by decorating your home with simple items that rank high on functionality. With on-the-go lifestyle, it’s essential that maintenance is the key to all your purchases. Fratelli Guzzini’s brand is known for designer trendy products that are maintenance free and are suitable for the present lifestyle. Tumblers, coffee plungers, ice buckets and much more give a glass appeal but are made of environmentally friendly elements that make it a responsible purchase too.

Tall Tumbler Tiffany, Sea Blue - Set of 6 Guzzini Dubai UAE

Setting up your space can involve a whole lot of thinking, but the wisest decision is to invest in quality products that are marked by the seal of authenticity. Hotelity’s range included branded products that are driven by intense quality checks and superior service. At Hotelity, homes are seen as a personal expression. We provide a wholesome dose of pampering and products that enhance the overall appeal.

Awaken the designer within you and shop at Hotelity.

P.S: We are excited to deliver products as much as you’re excited to order!

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